What we deliver

Textician encapsulates NoNLP technology and relevant machine learning and modeling into a server-based application. This can be delivered in one of two ways:

          OEM: The containerized application runs in a virtual server alongside the OEM application, and is accessed via an API. (Contact us for the documentation.)

          SaaS: We host the server application, including a high-security interface to the clients. We provide a DLL for integration into client software.

         License: Our technology, including multilabel classification, is offered in a Docker container to run behind an enterprise firewall, delivering microservices through an API.

The high-security interface is more than just encryption and HTTPS. Rather, we take advantage of inherent attributes of NoNLP technology to operate on the text at the server without sending the raw text off the client device. For HIPAA-compliant applications and other use cases which require the highest level of data privacy, the risk of data leakage from the server is virtually eliminated.