Other Applications

Beyond ICD-10 medical coding, in the future Textician will roll out its unique NoNLP technology across a variety of industries.

     Healthcare/medical: using Electronic Health Record (EHR) notes to

  • Improve clinical documentation (CDI)
  • Predict the onset of acute conditions like sepsis in advance
  • Warn of risk for re-admission

     Financial Services: operating on financial news to

  • Predict movements in the market or individual issues
  • Classify and filter stories more effectively

     Legal: looking at documents to

  • Prioritize post-merger integration (PMI) activities
  • Identify anomalous or risky terms in contracts
  • Search during eDiscovery and Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

     Pharma/medical device

  • Scanning notes for adverse events

And more. When text can help make decisions or classifications, we can help.

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