Medical Coding Engine

Central to healthcare reimbursements, Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) adds productivity and quality to the work of human coders.  Fast and accurate medical CAC is extremely challenging, though, and became much more so as the number of codes grew 4X in the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10, leading to a need for innovative new solutions.

Textician provides two options for faster and more accurate ICD-10 medical coding:

  • Delivered through on-premise applications, Textician’s ICD-10 text-to-code engine is faster and more accurate over a broad set of codes than current solutions. The engine is packed to run in its own virtual server and accessed via a simple API, so integration is easy.
  • Delivered through a cloud-based facility, Textician’s coder engine provides medical text coding speeds that are fast enough to be done on demand. Personal Health Information (PHI) security is ensured because Textician’s NoNLPTM technology can be configured so that the raw text is never sent to the cloud.

Textician is a significant advance in Computer Assisted Coding.  Please Contact Us.